Tips for A+ exam from AEA

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Tips for A+ exam from AEA

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Tips for A+ exam from AEA
Describe any 4 major sub components available inside a system unit ? (Cool

Power supply--The power supply as its name implies, provides the necessary electrical power to make the PC operate.The power supply takes standard AC power and converts it into DC power. A number if connectors lead out of the power supply provides special connectors to power the motherboard and a number of other general use connectors that provide power to any device that need electricity such as hard disk and optical drive.
Motherboard--Everything connects to the motherboard directly or indirectly.A motherboard contains a number of special sockets that accept various PC component.The CPU and RAM ,for example plug directly into the motherboard. Other devices such as DVD and CD , connect to the motherboard sockets thought short cables like the SATA cable or IDE cable.Motherboard also provide onboard connectors for external devices such as mouse printer and keyboard.
RAM-- Random Access Memory stores program and data currently being used by the CPU.Each piece of RAM is called a stick.RAM is a volatile type of memory, its content disappear when power is removed form the memory.
Hard disks--Hard disk stores program and data that are not currently being used by the CPU.Hard disks have larger storage capacity, hard disk is a not a volatile type of memory ,its content does not disappear when the power is removed from the memory.
What is RAM and ROM ? (4)

RAM-- RAM mean Random access memory, which is quick enough to operate directly and can be read from and written to as often as desired.RAM is a volatile type of memory, its content disappear when power is removed from the memory
ROM-- ROM mean Read Only Memory, which contains the computer permanent startup program ROM is not volatile, its content remain with or without power being applied.
What is character framing? (2)

Within a particular protocol, a number of parameters must be agree before an efficient exchange of information can occur. Chief among those parameter are character framing.
Character framing refers to the total number of bits used to transmit a character. This include the length of the coded character and the number and type of overhead required for transmitting.
Maskable and non-maskable? (4)

Two varieties of interrupts are used in microcomputers.

Maskable Interrupts (IRQ's)-- Interrupts that the system microprocessor can ignore under certain conditions.
Non Maskable Interrupts (NMI)-- Serious interrupts to which the microprocessors must always respond and NMI condition result in the system being shutdown.
What is the purpose of kernel in Operating System ? (4)

They are the core files that are responsible for managing Windows resources and running application.
kernel provides a communication between hardware and software.
Processes management --to execute and application, the kernel typically sets up an address in the memory for the application, load file containing the application code in the memory ,stack up the program and thus execute the program.
Device management --For example to show a user something on the screen the application would request to the kernel, which would forward the request to its display driver, which is responsible for actually pointing the character or pixel on the monitor.
The kernel maintain a list of available devices connected to the computer either wired or wireless.

What is a protocol and give 2 example of them? (4)

A protocol is a convention or standard that control or enables the connection , communication and data transfer between two computing end points.
FTP-- Short for File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol used to transfer data form one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.A FTP client program may be install to connect to the FTP server to manipulate the files on that server.
HTTP-- Short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a communication protocol use mostly on the Internet, its is used to retrieving interlinked text document led to the establishment of the WWW.
What is scandisks and defrag ? (4)

These are hard disk drives software utilities are designed to optimize and maintain the operation of the hard-disk.
They are used as part of a regular preventive maintenance program.
Scandisks is a utility in MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows system which check and repairs file system and bad clusters on hard drives.Scandisks is a disk checking and repairs tools, you can check the integrity of your media which include hard disks, floppy disks and repairs most problem that may occur
Defrag is an utility in Windows that optimize file operations on disks by rearranging their data into most effective storage pattern for reading and writing.It organize disjointed information on hard disk into more efficient patterns to speed up the access and read times associated with finding and reading from the drive.
Explain setup disk and ERD? (4)

setup disk generate three disk set and in Windows 2000 a four disk sets.
The set up disk do not bring the system to a command prompt, instead it initiate the Windows Setup Process.
Setup disks are uniform for a given version of Windows
ERD short for emergency repair disk
A disk created to repairs the windows NT/2000 system when its boot disk fails.An ERD provides another option if safe mode and recovery console does not provide a successful solutions to a crash system
Types of virus ? (6)

A boot sector virus-- copies itself on the boot sector of hard disks.The virus replaces the disks original boot sector code with its own code.This allow it to be loaded into memory before anything else is loaded.
A file infector-- This type of virus add its virus code to executable files.After the file with the virus is executed it spreads to other executable files.
A Trojan horse-- This types of virus pretends to be legitimate program that could be found on any system.Trojan horse virus are more like to do damage by destroying files and can cause physical damage to disks.

Direct Memory Access ,the intelligence peripheral assumes control of the system buses to conduct directs transfers with primary memory.
It allows certain subsystem within the computer system to access the system memory for reading and/or writing independently of the CPU.


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